Working with Halfaker: A small business making a big impact

Recently, the award-winning small business, Halfaker and Associates, was featured in the Huffington Post article titled, “Dawn Halfaker, Wounded Veteran, Lost Her Arm And Gained A Life-Changing Business.” The article showcased Halfaker’s passion for hiring veterans. Over half of the company’s employees have prior military experience. Hiring veterans aligns with Halfaker’s mission, “Continuing to Serve” and makes good business sense.

Hiring Veterans was an original construct of the company. Dawn, CEO of Halfaker and Associates, saw an opportunity to provide effective solutions to the federal government by leveraging the experience and expertise of our wounded warriors and veterans. Dawn stated, “I wanted to be able to draw this talent in, to give them an opportunity to be part of another organization. It's the right thing to do. Our veterans want to contribute and make a difference; and they have the leadership experience and technical skills to do that.”

Veterans are a key ingredient in Halfaker’s recipe for business success. The value of hiring a veteran goes well beyond the altruistic idea of giving back to those who have served our country. The procedures Halfaker has adopted to help bridge the transition from the military culture to the corporate culture have provided Halfaker with big returns on their investments. The skills that military veterans learned and used to accomplish any mission—developing a solid team of diverse individuals and being adaptable, resourceful and resilient—have distinguished Halfaker’s workforce within the industry.

Halfaker is a great work environment for Veterans. For transitioning veterans, belonging to something greater than themselves and an opportunity to continue to make a difference is invaluable. Michael Bradley, a Halfaker Program Manager said, “I am an example of a transitioning service member who was given the opportunity to work for a small business. I don’t feel like I’m just a number, my company knows who I am, what I can accomplish and makes me feel important. As a transitioning wounded warrior, I wanted to find a company that closely mirrored that of the military. In the Army, the Army Values were ingrained in me daily, and I wanted to find a company who held themselves to those same core values.” Additionally, Halfaker’s employees are encouraged to support organizations they are passionate about and are offered numerous opportunities to give back to the community through the company’s corporate social responsibility program.

Are you interested in joining this great team? Check out the Halfaker Careers Page and connect with Halfaker on their @halfakercareers Twitter account for the most up-to-date career information.