Strengthening the DC Community: Halfaker lends a hand in the DC Central Kitchen

Bethany Mulcahy, Marketing and Communications Associate at Halfaker and Associates, LLC recently coordinated with the DC Central Kitchen to prepare an evening meal for low-income and at-risk neighbors in the DC Community. On November 5th, 20 Halfaker team members will work alongside the men and women who have graduated from DC Central Kitchen’s culinary job training program to chop vegetables, mix salads, de-bone meat and complete other tasks vital to operating a ten thousand square foot community kitchen. Join us in taking a closer look at the compelling work of one of our team members behind this event.

Halfaker Team Member: Bethany Mulcahy, Marketing and Communications Associate

Team member since: August 2011

What is your inspiration for supporting and spearheading CSR events at Halfaker?

It’s the perfect way to work with a team you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to work with. It’s also a good leadership opportunity.

Why did you decide to plan this event at the DC Central Kitchen?

In an internal survey, several Halfaker team members indicated they were interested in supporting the underprivileged. I thought that preparing food for DC Central Kitchen would be a great addition to our Halfaker CSR program—a weeknight volunteer activity that serves a different part of our community. I also thought it was appropriate since we have many great cooks at Halfaker!

What other CSR activities are you involved in?

This year I supported the 6th Annual Run Around the Lake to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and Community Food Drive. Additionally, I will be planning Halfaker’s involvement in the Wreaths Across America wreath laying event on December 15th at the Arlington National Cemetery.

What are you most looking forward to about this upcoming event?

Getting to know other Halfaker team members better—we have already received RSVPs from employees who I haven’t had a chance to work with in the past.

How can people get ready to support this great event on November 5th at the DC Central Kitchen and participate in future events?

I am happy to report we have achieved our goal of 20 volunteers for the November 5th event! I will be sending more details to volunteers prior to the event. Please contact me directly to ask questions (703) 434-3900 and learn more about future opportunities to serve our communities.