Diversity and Resilience: Halfaker garners spot on Washington Technology Fast 50 for the second straight year

Washington, DC—Listed at the #36 spot on the 2012 Washington Technology Fast 50 list, Halfaker and Associates is one of 15 companies making a return appearance. Each year, the Washington Technology Fast 50 celebrates the success of small businesses in the government market. In today’s market, these companies not only represent growth, but most importantly resiliency and diversity.

Halfaker and Associates was founded in 2006 with a focus on the defense industry and strengthening our national security. While this is still an integral part of the company, Halfaker has dynamically grown its service areas to build a technology-driven organization focused on integrating technology across organizational barriers; ensuring strategic technology delivers real value. Dawn Halfaker, CEO of Halfaker and Associates noted, “Due to the dynamic nature of government contracting and the turbulent economic climate, we use the agile methodology, traditionally found in the IT space, in all aspects of our operations. It gives us the competitive edge to be highly responsive to the ever-changing and evolving priorities of our clients and trends across the industry.” With the current budget restraints, this methodology resonates among government agencies looking for the most cost effective, efficient and innovative ways to reach mission success.

In addition to their agile methodology, Halfaker leverages several leading-edge technologies and applications within the open source domain to dramatically increase capability, enhance security and reduce the software development lifecycle and cost. This is evident in Halfaker’s support of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including their work with the Enhance the Veteran Experience Access to Healthcare (EVEAH) initiative and the creation of the networking web application VetGovPartner (VGP).

In 2011, Halfaker was awarded a prime contract with the Veterans Healthcare Administration on a major VA initiative Enhancing Veterans Experience and Access to Healthcare (EVEAH). One of the programs Halfaker supported improved rural veterans access to healthcare providers closer to their homes. This pilot program, Access Received Closer to Home (ARCH), provides more than 4 million veterans the ability to directly access non-VA healthcare when veterans live more than an hour away from VA facilities.

Additionally, Halfaker spearheaded the development of social software called VetGovPartner (VGP) at the VA, to better communicate with constituents and stakeholders while cutting costs by scaling back traditional and outdated communication methods. VGP and its implementation were conceptually innovative. The tool allowed over 3,000 National Veteran Small Business Conference attendees to build their agenda from among the hundreds of conference sessions, navigating the chaos of such a large event. In addition, VGP allowed the Government acquisition, small business, and large business communities connect with each other through the social layer of VGP, connecting people who have been seeking companies with specific capabilities and Government leaders with relevant challenges.

By leveraging Agile and a cutting-edge commercial, cloud-based software development stack featuring Ruby on Rails (an open source web framework), Github, and Heroku, Halfaker was able to build a comprehensive web application in four months instead of multiple years that traditional, enterprise software projects would take for something of similar complexity. Halfaker continues to enhance this social application for our client and looks to expand its capabilities across the social and mobile domain.

Despite increased government insourcing, the company more than doubled its revenue since 2009 across 39 different programs for 32 federal government clients in 11 stateside locations and 4 new international sites. Halfaker’s culture and strength in the industry have been recognized with several awards in the past year, including Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Corporate Citizenship Award Winner and Civilian Jobs “Most Valuable Employer.”  Dawn reflected, “We have the winning recipe—a strong team dedicated to solving our customers’ most critical problems with innovative, timely and cost effective solutions.”

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