Creating Opportunities for Military Families: Halfaker supports ThanksUSA scholarship program

Washington, DC—It’s not often that members of the Democratic and Republican parties can get together and have a great time supporting an important organization. However, supporting military families is a subject on which all can agree, and on July 11th, Senators Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Joe Leiberman joined ThanksUSA at their 2012 Treasure our Troops Gala at the Newseum. The night was a joyous occasion, and keynote speaker Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey joined the founders of ThanksUSA, the Okun sisters, in leading a rendition of “God Bless America” with the crowd celebrating the awarding of scholarships to spouses and children of those serving in our nation’s armed services.

“Over 10,000 applications were downloaded last year for the ThanksUSA scholarships. This clearly demonstrates that the need among military families for educational scholarships is great. These scholarships are so empowering for military families and really create a lot of opportunities,” reflected Dawn Halfaker, CEO of Halfaker and Associates, one of the event sponsors and member of the ThanksUSA advisory council. “I am so honored to support this great non-profit organization and be here tonight to celebrate the military families receiving scholarships.”

Halfaker’s focus is to continue to serve, and ThanksUSA is just one of the many ways that Halfaker gives back to the community. Community service is the uniting force within the company’s culture and provides the invaluable opportunity for employees, partners, and clients to get involved and direct company support to causes they are passionate about. Each year Halfaker’s leadership publishes a company strategic plan that highlights what areas the company will focus on impacting to ensure that the organizations or causes Halfaker supports are tied to the overall company mission and our culture. This year, one of the areas that Halfaker focused on was honoring and empowering Veterans and Wounded Warriors.

ThanksUSA was established in 2005 as a national non-profit organization that THANKS the men and women in the U.S. military by providing their spouses and children with two-year, four-year and vocational educational scholarships, based on financial need. With these scholarships, they can pursue educational and job opportunities otherwise out of reach. ThanksUSA has awarded over 2,500 scholarships with a total value of nearly $7.5 million to military families in all 50 states and every branch of the military.

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