Changing Missions, Changing Roles: Halfaker discusses the issues on getting women Veterans back to work

Washington, DC—With less than 1% of Americans serving in the military and only about 15% of the military force being comprised of women, transitioning out of the military is analogous to having lead a second life like a superhero. A unique population of Veterans that most civilians don’t fully understand, women Veterans often face difficulty reconciling their time in the military with life back home.

Recently, over 200 federal legislators, government agencies, academic institutions, corporate leaders and non-profit organizations cultivated dialogue on this often overlooked population on Capitol Hill during the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation’s 4th Annual Army Women in Transition Symposium and Hall of Fame Luncheon on March 13th. Halfaker’s President and CEO, Dawn Halfaker, participated as an honored guest panelist to offer her experiences and insights on how to best help women Veterans overcome the barriers they often face during their transition from the military to civilian society.

According to Dawn, “There are several roadblocks preventing Veterans and transitioning military from getting civilian jobs, including a lack of job-seeking skills and a mismatch between military experience and civilian requirements. In particular, women Veterans face unique challenges as their combat experience and military service is not well understood. It's imperative that we educate corporate America, specifically recruiters and hiring managers on the technical and leadership skills that both male and female transitioning military can offer.”

With over 45% of Halfaker’s 170 employees having military experience, Dawn takes great pride in providing employment for transitioning Veterans and has made it a top recruiting priority. Specifically, Halfaker actively seeks these individuals by accessing military specific online resume databases, partnering with specialty recruitment companies, and maximizing the current employee networks through various mediums including online social media tools. Furthermore, Halfaker helps Veterans with the difficult task of communicating their qualifications and credentials by ensuring their recruiters are familiar with military jargon.

Dawn works diligently to pay if forward to those who have given so much for our nation by supporting organizations, such as the U.S. Army Women’s Foundation, that strive to help service members successfully transition into the civilian sector. With Veterans bringing highly transferable skills such as doing more with less, turning adversity into opportunity, and letting nothing stop them or stand in their way—getting Veterans placed in meaningful jobs is a win-win situation for both the Veteran and the employer.

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