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“Big Data” is no longer the latest buzz word or the cool kid on the technology block. It is no longer the up and coming, innovative concept from PhD-level experts.  It has arrived. It’s everywhere. And the government’s recent mandate to do more with less and meet the demands for transparency means that government agencies are turning to data analytics for solutions, and every government organization wants a piece of the big data pie.

Halfaker is excited to jump start our new partnership with QlikView! Our capability providing government clients with Advanced Analytics services recently expanded when Halfaker became an Implementation Partner with the business intelligence software solution, called QlikView. Now, more than ever, Halfaker is positioned to assist our clients in meeting the government’s mandate to do more with less and achieve cost savings through data-informed decisions.

Nearly one and a half years after its launch, the Schwarzenegger Institute, a University of Southern California think tank named after Retired Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is taking strides in developing nonpartisan solutions to a variety of social, economic and political challenges. In late 2013, the Institute hosted a public conversation between Schwarzenegger and the well-known political commentator and host of MSNBC’s Hardball, Chris Matthews, on fixing a dysfunctional government.

“One can only imagine what it would be like if natural gas lines started exploding, or high-voltage transformers started to blow — simply by "spoofing" meters to give operators the wrong readings.” 

As a military police captain in the U.S. Army, Dawn Halfaker felt she had found her ideal career. She was respected as a dynamic leader of soldiers in combat, peacekeeping, and in training in the United States, South Korea, Kuwait, and Iraq. But after an ambush in Iraq in 2004, Dawn woke up without an arm -- or a career. Medically retired from the military she earned a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for her service yet she had no clear career path for moving forward.

As the 2013 summer came to a close, so did Halfaker and Associates’ (Halfaker) three-year Mentor-Protégé relationship with Analytic Services, Inc. (ANSER). Despite the end of this formal partnership, both companies look forward to maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship. Nonetheless, Halfaker is taking this opportunity to reflect on the success of the Army Mentor-Protégé Program (MPP), with the goal of providing insight into the program for small and prime contractors considering joining.

Here’s the story of Halfaker and ANSER’s Mentor-Protégé partnership:

Arlington, VA - Consolidation, de-duplication, cloud computing and shared services – that’s the current direction of government IT. The average annual growth rate for IT budgets since the current Office of Management and Budget took over has been less than one percent, according to Washington Technology. One avenue that government organizations can use to conform to these new IT budgets is an overhaul of their IT infrastructure. Halfaker’s IT experts explain, through a case study, how to increase efficiency and reduce IT costs by correcting something they call “Infrastructure Bloat.”

Over 3,700 people gathered in St. Louis August 6-8, 2013 for the National Veterans Small Business Conference. In an environment where spending budgets, particularly on travel and tradeshows, has been slashed, the high turnout is a testament to the value of the annual event supporting Veteran entrepreneurs. According to the Chicago Tribune, small businesses spent 49% more in 2012 to pursue government contracts than in 2010.

Washington, DC—Big Data is the latest buzzword in the news headlines. The concept reached mainstream audiences recently when statistician Nate Silver correctly predicted the winner of all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the 2012 US presidential election. Some forward thinkers even used Silver’s data analytics predictions to cash in on their March Madness bracket. But do you know how you could use Big Data to streamline your organization ’s operations? Better yet, do you know what Big Data actually is?

St. Louis, MO— You don’t have to be a government insider to know that government contractor growth rates are down as the US emerges from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. However, despite the industry uncertainty, there is one group of contractors that has actually increased at an annual growth rate of 15 percent—Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses (SDVOSB).