December 2011

A Promising Future: Halfaker’s CEO recognized as one of Fortune’s 2011 Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

Washington, DC—Selected from over 130 applicants, Halfaker and Associates’ CEO, Dawn Halfaker, was recently honored as one of ten 2011 Fortune Most Powerful Entrepreneurs. Dawn was recognized amongst extraordinary women whose startups generated $1 million to $25 million in annual revenue last year—and appear poised to become large and global business leaders. Looking to expand on her company’s nationally recognized success, Dawn plans to leverage her company’s strong culture of service to earn $50 million in revenue by 2016.

From the Battlefield to the Boardroom: Dawn Halfaker Speaks at the INC 500 Military Entrepreneurs’ Conference

Washington, DC—In these prolonged times of economic gloom, many wander in the fog of the current fiscal malaise, few have navigated the path to success, and even fewer shine as beacons of prosperity bright enough to illuminate the path for others to follow. Dawn Halfaker recently came together with the participants of the INC 500/5000 Joining Forces Military Mentoring Fair and rallied the military veterans there with the inspiring tale of her rise to success even while she bears the wounds of traumatic injuries suffered in combat.